Protesters Break Into News Studio, Bombard Anchor With Eggs And Yogurt

Say what you will about the difficulties of being in the American news business, but all our newscasters have it easy. They’ve got a nice protected studio, celebrity status, even “Hug an Anchor Day!” Panagiotis Bourchas must be so jealous. Bouchas, the anchor of the newscast on Greek TV’s ??????? TV 1, was just giving a newscast earlier this week when, according to, protesters stormed the set and began chanting and tossing eggs and yogurt at the anchor. This went on for several minutes as Bourchas attempted to duck behind his desk, eggs and yogurt flying.

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Bourchas appeared mid-interview when the crowd roard in and proceeded to egg-and-yogurt the man (is this some sort of Greek variation on tar-and-feathering?). You can hear several shouts of “fascist!” The New York Post identifies the man that appears after the attack as a producer, explaining that the crowd was “enraged over the newscaster recently hosting a show featuring a spokesman from a far-right political organization. He can be understood to say that the reason for the break-in was a previous report, and offering no further comment on the event.

The video below:

[h/t The Blaze]

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