Rahm Emanuel Tells The View Trump is a ‘Pawn’ in Chinese and Russian Efforts to ‘Destroy’ American Confidence


Former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel told hosts of The View on Thursday that President Donald Trump is a “pawn” in Chinese and Russian efforts to “undermine” American confidence in their government and other U.S. institutions.

Emanuel first criticized the president for mailing in his ballot during the primary election despite being so adamantly against remote voting in November. “I know that the president, who should not be named, wants to preserve the right for the Russians to have a vote here. I just want to make sure the Americans have the right to have a vote too. He’ll take care of Russia, but let’s take care of every American too.”

Host Whoopi Goldberg then asked Emanuel about Louis DeJoy, a major Trump donor who will become the next head of the Post Office, noting “he will be the first postmaster general in 20 years who didn’t rise through the agencies ranks.”

Emanuel claimed Trump’s distrust of the Post Office stemmed both from hatred for Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon and The Washington Post, and his fears surrounding Election Day.

“Everything China and Russia are trying to do to America is to destroy our confidence in the institutions we have and in our government,” Emanuel said. “If you look really at a wide-lens view of what [Trump] is trying to do, is he is undermining, whether it’s the Post Office, whether it’s the court system, whether it’s the rule of law, whether it’s actually how you respond to a pandemic, our public health system. He is undermining all our confidence in our capacity.”

He added that Trump’s actions destroyed confidence in government in a manner that aligned with efforts by China and Russia, saying, “Trump seems to be a pawn in their efforts.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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