Rahm Emanuel

Rahm Emanuel Has Reportedly Met With CNN, MSNBC Execs About a Possible Job

Fox News Repeats Blatantly False Rudy Giuliani Tweet About Chicago Murders Without Correction

Rudy Giuliani Wildly Wrong in Partisan Tweet About Murders in Chicago This Weekend

Rahm Emanuel Warns Democrats From Running on Trump Impeachment: Not a ‘Political Issue’

Fox News Analyst Rips Mayor Emanuel: While He Makes Jokes, ‘Black Bodies Are Being Littered’ in Chicago

Rahm Emanuel Gets Snippy on CNN: ‘I Don’t Think That’s a Good Question’

Jon Ossoff Has ‘Lessons For Democrats’ on How To Lose Elections

Chicago City Council Approves Mayor Rahm Emanuel Plan To Offer Illegal Immigrants City ID Cards

Rahm Emanuel to Democrats: ‘It Ain’t Gonna Happen in 2018, Take a Chill Pill’

Ari Emanuel Reportedly Rebuffed Requests By Democrats to Release Damaging Footage of Trump

Rahm Emanuel: Dems Had Socially Inclusive Message, But Lacked a Serious Economic One

Bill Clinton Calls Bernie Sanders ‘The Blame Candidate,’ Hillary ‘The Responsibility Candidate’

Chicago Lawyers Consulted Rahm Emanuel Before Covering Up McDonald Video

Emails Show Coordination Between Chicago PD, Mayor’s Office Over Laquan McDonald Shooting

Rahm Emanuel Holds Presser to Announce Chicago Police Reforms: ‘Force Can Be the Last Option’

Aide to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Attacked at Prayer Vigil

Cop Indicted for Killing Laquan McDonald Expected to Enter Formal Plea

Rahm Emanuel Cuts Cuba Vacation Short Amid Uproar at Police After Sharpton Calls Him Out

Analysis: If Karl Rove Were Chicago Mayor, Would Coverage of Scandal Be Remotely the Same?

Chicago Protest Leader on MSNBC Demands ‘Police Be Defunded’

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