Rep. McBath: ‘In My Mind There Really is a National Emergency’ and It’s ‘Gun Violence’

Democratic Virginia Rep. Lucy McBath (D-VA) slammed President Donald Trump‘s announcement that he will declare southern border security as a national emergency, and said the real national emergency Americans are dealing with is gun violence.

Speaking to CNN’s John Berman Friday morning, McBath described gun violence as a “public health crisis” and said that she would support the President if he were to declare a national emergency for that.

“In my mind, there really is a national emergency,” she said. “People continue to die every single day. We know that we’ve got over a hundred people in this country that die unnecessarily to gun violence every single day… That is a national emergency. Not a wall.”

The freshman congresswoman said she would be happy for a national emergency declaration for gun violence to go through the congressional oversight, adding she is proud to be part of such a “diverse” Congress that “has the most number of women” in it.

“I’m just very excited as a mom on a mission to be a part of them,” she said.

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