‘Absolutely Not True!’ DHS Secretary Mayorkas Hits Back During Brutal Grilling By GOP Senator Over Border Security


Texas Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) pulled no punches when questioning Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on Tuesday. Mayorkas testified during an oversight hearing held by the Senate Judiciary Committee and at times had trouble getting a word in during the Republican onslaught.

“You have no idea how many of those people were carrying fentanyl or other drugs with them, do you?” Cornyn demanded.

“Senator, the expert view that I received is that approximately 90% of the fentanyl,” Mayorkas began replying as Cornyn cut him off.

“That’s a totally made-up number Mr. Secretary. You know it. That’s a totally made-up number,” Cornyn declared.

“Senator, the expert information that I received is that approximately 90% of the fentanyl is brought in through the ports of entry, through passenger vehicles, through trucks and through pedestrians,” Mayorkas said.

“Mr. Secretary, you understand that you have a credibility problem with the with the Congress and with the American people, don’t you?” Cornyn then asked.

“I have unflinching confidence in the integrity of my conduct,” Mayorkas shot back.

“No, I’m saying you have told us two patently inconsistent things, for example. You said we do have operational control of the border in 2022. You said the border is not, in fact, open. And then I think I heard you say here that no administration has ever had operational control of the border. Isn’t that what you said?” Cornyn replied.

“No. That is not what I said,” Mayorkas shot back.

“That’s not what you said? Well, the record will reflect,” Cornyn replied.

“May I clarify?” jumped in Mayorkas.

“4.8 million people coming to the border and being ushered into the interior of the United States, perhaps never to be identified or heard from again. And with 108,000 Americans dying of drug overdoses last year alone with those drugs flooding across the border, you think everything is just hunky dory?” accused Cornyn.

“That is absolutely not true, Senator. No, I understand that,” Mayorkas answered as Cornyn jumped in.

“I understand your answer. You said it’s not true. And I disagree with you,” Cornyn declared.

Later Republican Sen. Ted Cruz, Texas’s junior senator, offered a similar tactic and during his fiery questioning of Mayorkas outright explained why he won’t let Mayorkas finish answering questions, “It’s obvious you have been instructed to stonewall, so I am not going to let you.”

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