Retired General Gets Fired Up Over Puerto Rico Response on CNN: ‘That’s Bullsh*t!’


Eight days after Hurricane Maria decimated Puerto Rico, leaving the American island struggling for basic supplies and almost completely without power, a three-star general was dispatched to the territory to act as the Joint Force Land Component Commander and will work with FEMA during the recovery. During today’s White House press briefing, Homeland Security adviser Tom Bossert was questioned on why it took so long to make this move. Meanwhile, NBC News reported that US officials were acknowledging that President Donald Trump’s response to the disaster was too slow.

During an appearance on CNN this evening, Lt. General Russel Honore (Ret.) made his disapproval with how the current administration has handled the response to Maria quite known. And his anger was such that he let loose with a choice curse word tonight.

“They require policy guidance from the president on what he wants them to do,” Honore said while reacting to the administration’s slow response time. “I think that’s where the gap is. Should have been moving the military last Saturday, the president was out playing golf and twittering.”

After highlighting his own experience as the commander of the Hurricane Katrina response, Honore got animated while discussing the current situation in Puerto Rico.

“I heard a conversation earlier today that indicated if the task force commander wanted to do air drops, he could make a recommendation,” Honore exclaimed. “That’s bullshit! Now that Commander Buchanan is on the ground, he needs to be giving orders and figure out what rule need to be breaked (sic) to do to save lives.”

He went on to say the White House was “trying to put lipstick on a pig” while noting that the scale of the response is all wrong, leaving no time for anchor Anderson Cooper to immediately react to the dropping of his swear word.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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