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Richard Painter Goes Off on Trump Officials’ Gov’t Spending: ‘A Great Big Middle Finger Up to the American People’

Former Bush ethics lawyer Richard Painter described lavish spending by President Donald Trump officials like Amb. Gordon Sondland as a “great big middle finger” to America.

“The volume is massive,” Painter said of the many scandals around spending in the Trump administration. “It’s open, it’s in the public eye and it’s basically putting a great big middle finger up to the American people. We pay for this. We pay for these renovations, we pay to have the Secret Service accompany President Trump to his golf resorts. This administration is engaging in open corruption.”

Painter was appearing on MSNBC Live, where anchor Chris Jansing asked him for his opinion on expensive renovations for Sondland’s diplomatic residency.

“We certainly shouldn’t have our taxpayer money being spent on these type of renovations. This is simply corruption to the core. They’re living off the public dime, living it up and they’re taking the example right from the president of the United States,” Painter said.

Jansing also asked “who is supposed to be watching for this?”

“The ethics lawyers,” Painter responded. “By drain the swamp, what Donald Trump meant was get rid of the ethics lawyers, get rid of the career government employees who are going to blow the whistle, that’s what he meant by drain the swamp. Get all the honest people out of Washington so we can come on in there and pig out.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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