RNC Chair Deflects on Whether GOP Will Give Back Wynn Donations: ‘Should Be Allowed Due Process’

Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna McDaniel gave a non-answer today when asked whether she would give back the money her organization received from Steve Wynn.

The Las Vegas hotel and casino mogul resigned as the RNC’s finance chair this past weekend after reports came out about his alleged history of repeated sexual misconduct over the years. Fox News’s Sandra Smith asked McDaniel for her response to this, noting that Republican figures like Sean Spicer have said that Wyn’s contributions to the RNC should be donated.

“The allegations in the Wall Street Journal were deeply troubling,” McDaniel said, “but Steve has denied these allegations, unlike Harvey Weinstein and Al Franken and others…There is an investigation that will take place. He should be allowed due process and if he is found of any wrongdoing, we will absolutely return 100% of that money. But we’ll let due process take place.”

So we know (sort of) where McDaniel stands on this matter, but her calls for due process are in stark contrast to what she said when the Democratic National Committee was facing similar questions over Harvey Weinstein — who despite McDaniel’s assertion, denied many of the allegations against him as well:

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