S.E. Cupp Says ‘Unfit’ Trump Has ‘Got to Go…But Not by Impeachment’

In a very plain-spoken opening monologue, CNN’s S.E. Cupp railed against President Donald Trump‘s fitness for leadership.

She made it clear, though, that despite Trump showing “disdain for the democratic process,” impeachment is not the way to go.

“Let’s be honest, there’s plenty in that report that should worry American voters,” she said on Saturday, before listing some troubling insights including “a president who’d rather protect his own self-interests than get to the bottom of a foreign entity attacking our elections [and] one that would go to great lengths to hide his actions, who would use his Justice Department, law enforcement, intelligence apparatus and press shop to lie and muscle his will around the democratic process.”

She then said this: “Here’s the deal. What the president has done may not be illegal but it is appalling. It should worry all-Americans, not just Democrats or Republicans. This president is unfit to lead. He has shown time and time again his utter disdain for democratic process. Separation of powers, the law. He’s got to go. But not by impeachment.”

Cupp then made her case for why impeachment is not the answer.

“The reality is without bipartisan support for such a drastic and disruptive maneuver it will only rip us apart even further and that benefits Trump, not America,” Cupp explained. “Beat him at the ballot box. Beat him with ideas and policies. Beat him with an agenda that doesn’t divide us further, that isn’t just designed to piss off half the country or punish people who voted for him. Beat him with respect, hope, and optimism. It shouldn’t be that hard.”

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