Samantha Bee Uses Breaking Bad to Explain How the GOP Embraced Trump and Racism


Samantha Bee
went History 101 last night as she explained how Donald Trump‘s rise underlines an inherently racist element that has long existed inside of the GOP. Of course, like any good history teacher, Bee found a way to make it relatable and interesting by drawing parallels to one of America’s favorite TV series.

The Full Frontal host acknowledged that not all conservatives are racists, but she noted that the GOP has a problem if such a major percentage of their voter base is in favor of Trump’s nativist tendencies and controversial antics. She proceeded to point out how the party leaders keep saying they’ll offer support, though they show obvious reservations with the idea that Trump’s campaign is themed on the party’s more discomforting aspects.

“Trump isn’t desecrating the Republican Party, he’s just peeling back the glossy exterior to reveal the hideous symbiont that’s been lurking there for decades,” Bee said.

After displaying the reluctance of conservative leaders to comment on Trump, Bee turned around and explained how the current state of the GOP can be compared to Breaking Bad. For those who aren’t fans, the show explored the life a cancer-stricken chemistry teacher who decides to provide for his family before he dies by cooking meth. Bee’s analogy (SPOILER ALERT) came into play when she compared the GOP to Walter White in how they align themselves with white supremacists whose power threatens to evolve beyond control and threaten the entire operation.

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