Sarah Palin’s Alaska: Ratings Do Double-Digit Rebound

Okay, America, make up your mind. Do you want to watch Sarah Palin’s Alaska, or not?

Last week we told you about the TLC show’s sudden ratings collapse in its second week, after a huge, record-breaking debut. Double-digit dives like that usually lead to further erosion, which is never good for a television program.

But Sarah PalinJoe Scarborough‘s opinions notwithstanding–is not just any reality star. For week three? A rebound–and a big one, according to The Hollywood Reporter:

Sarah Palin’s Alaska delivered 3.5 million viewers Sunday night, rising 17% at the conclusion of the holiday weekend.

Normally when ratings go down double digits for a second episode, the third outing generally falls at least a little, but not in this case. Palin may also have benefited from some weaker competition (ABC had the Country Music Awards the previous week). Even so, this is great news for TLC.

The Alaska episode to watch will be in two weeks, when Kate Gosselin guest stars.

What was that you say? Kate Gosselin? Come on now, TLC, isn’t that overkill?

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