Sean Hannity Rants About CNN, Jim Acosta for Over 8 Minutes: He’s a ‘Far-Left, Grandstanding, Sycophant Left-Winger’


On his show on Tuesday night, Fox News host and close Donald Trump ally Sean Hannity spent almost 9 minutes raging about CNN’s Jim Acosta, enemy of the White House and recent loser of press credentials, and the lawsuit he and CNN are filing against the Hannity administration Trump administration.

“Jim Acosta, desperately trying to get back into the White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue,” Hannity began. “1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Last week, his White House pass was revoked after what was clearly unprofessional conduct, an incident where he just refused to give up a shared microphone. Shared, keyword. Made contact with a White House intern who tried to take the microphone back, and, literally he wanted to debate the President of the United States after accusing him, oh, pretty much of being a racist.”

“Well, that’s sort of like, par for the course at fake news CNN, take a look,” said Hannity, then showing the clip of the Acosta confrontation.

“No one else at CNN, by the way, is affected. Nobody,” said Hannity after the clip. “And by the way, the President answered his question. How many times does the President of the United States need to tell someone, a fame seeking reporter, that’s enough, that’s enough? Now CNN still has access to the White House. Acosta is still free to spew his anti-Trump hatred anywhere he wants, just not inside the walls of the White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.”

Having made his case against Acosta, and having said the address of the White House a couple of times for good measure, Hannity moved on to the specific “lies” in CNN’s lawsuit.

“The lawsuit laughably claims that Acosta’s constitutional rights have been violated. The complaint also goes on to list the following lies as facts,” he said. “They state that Acosta merely asked a question during the press conference. Well, you just saw it, that’s a lie. He tried to grandstand, he gave his commentary, and he wanted to debate the president.”

“Next,” he continued, “the suit suggests that Acosta didn’t put his hand on the White House intern. Well, as you can see right there on your screen, while the intern tried to get the microphone back, there was contact. I’m not saying anything bad happened with that, but..”

“The complaint also claims Acosta has been a journalist, this is my favorite, for more than two decades and is widely respected for his diligence and independence,” said Sean Hannity of Fox News Channel. “That’s the biggest lie.”

“Jim Acosta is a lot of things but he’s not a fair, balanced, independent journalist,” continued Trump rally guest star Sean Hannity. “He is a far-left grandstanding, sycophant left-winger capitalizing on his blatant anti-Trump bias. And his conduct inside the White House has been, frankly, a lot of times, anything but professional.”

Then, at about two minutes and forty-five seconds into the eight minutes plus monologue, he showed clips of Acosta berating the President, berating Sarah Sanders, making left-wing statements, talking over and interrupting people, and generally being the grandstanding, loudmouthed, biased, showboat performer that Hannity was describing. It’s a routine that anyone who watches press briefings has seen before, played for the audience and not to get actual answers to actual questions.

Hannity then showed clips of Acosta gushing over President Obama and said that Acosta does opinion, not news or journalism.

“Acosta’s overwhelming bias, it’s not shocking, in fact he’s pretty much toeing the company line at fake news CNN,” said Hannity, and then ranted about the network. “They put their hatred for Donald Trump before anything else. Every second, every minute, every hour, every day, pretty much.”

CNN’s CEO Jeff Zucker did say to Vanity Fair this month that they pretty much cover all Trump, all the time.

“We’ve seen that anytime you break away from the Trump story and cover other events in this era, the audience goes away,” said Zucker. “So we know that, right now, Donald Trump dominates.”

Hannity played a montage of clips again, from various CNN hosts, anchors, and contributors. “That’s a lot of opinion by people that claim they’re journalists,” he said. “Left-wing opinion.”

Hannity argued that the lawsuit is frivolous, citing an among several articles one from Mediaite sister-site Law & Crime, as well as critical comments from Bob Woodward, and then played a clip of Mark Levin.

He closed by calling it a “ridiculous lawsuit.”

Watch the clip above, courtesy of Fox News Channel.

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