Fox News Channel

Shep Smith is Not Happy With 280-Character Tweets: Takes Twice as Long to Read ‘A Load of Crap’

Fox & Friends  Lauds College For Mandatory ‘Patriotism’ Class: ‘Isn’t it About Time?’

Brian Kilmeade on Jimmy Kimmel ‘Threat’: ‘I Couldn’t Believe How Personal He Went’

Greg Gutfeld Tears Into Jeff Flake for Anti-Trump Speech: ‘Screw You!’

Mark Cuban on Possibly Entering 2020 Presidential Race: I’ll ‘Probably’ Run as a Republican

Fox News Signs Congressman Jason Chaffetz to A Contributor Role

Hyundai Dumps Bill O’Reilly as Advertiser Backlash Grows

Trump Tweet Praises ‘Amazing Reporting’ by Fox and Friends on ‘Crooked Scheme’

Smartphone-Savy Millennials Increasingly Getting News…From Fox?

Fox CEO Concerned That the Term ‘Fake News’ Has Been Co-Opted

Swedish Cops Say ‘Madman’ Documentarian Cited by Trump Took Them Out of Context

Sean Spicer: Anti-Travel Ban Protesters are ‘Absolutely’ Paid Demonstrators

Sean Spicer: It’s ‘Sad to See a Judge Go Rogue’ by Blocking Travel Ban

Samantha Bee Calls Out Fox For Ignoring Women’s Marches Outside of ‘Liberal Enclaves’

Pew Report Finds MSNBC Hemorrhaging Viewers and Revenue

Skewed! MSNBC President Wants ‘Investigation’ into Fox’s ‘Impossible’ Ratings

George Will Joins Fox News Channel as Regular Contributor

On Fox: Obama Pledges to Delay Vote on Syria Strike, Will ‘Thoroughly Examine’ Russian Solution

No Quería Ofenderle: President’s PR Flack Forget Univision Now a Major Media Player

Limbaugh Takes On ‘Myths’ About Fox: ‘They Have One Really, Full-Fledged Conservative Show’

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