St. Louis TV Reporter Interrupted By Car Crash During Liveshot

The cliche about local news liveshots is there’s usually no reason for them. It’s not like there’s anything happening that warrants being live. The liveshot just adds an element of excitement, or so news producers will tell you. And in the case of St. Louis station KSDK, they might be right. On Wednesday, reporter Ann Rubin led the 6 p.m. newscast with a liveshot that was interrupted by breaking news: a car crash that caused Rubin to jump as tires squealed and metal made impact.

The accident was just off camera, but certainly close enough to hear everything, and KSDK went back to the scene later in the newscast to let viewers know nobody had been seriously hurt. The collision fit perfectly in a newscast that–if you read the graphic on the side of the screen–was hardly a happy day in St. Louis: “deadly fire” followed by “deadly crash” (another crash–we’re assuming they hadn’t predicted this one) followed by “family injured” and then “Joplin deaths.”

And then your five day forecast!

Here’s the story, from KSDK:

(h/t TVSpy)

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