Stephanie Ruhle Clashes with GOP Strategist For Calling Kamala Far Left: ‘Sounds Like it’s More She’s Too Black’


While on an MSNBC panel on Monday, GOP pollster Chris Wilson said Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) is “too far left” for moderate Republicans to vote for in 2020, which host Stephanie Ruhle responded to by asking if it is actually because Harris is “too black” for those voters.

Ruhle made the suggestion — which Wilson immediately called “absurd” — as they discussed the possibility of Rep. Justin Amash (I-MI) running for president in 2020 amid his departure from the Republican Party.

“I actually think it doesn’t complicate them it at all. In fact, it may actually help them. Because there are a lot of people out there, Republicans… who would define themselves as Never Trumpers who are probably looking for someone else to vote for,” Wilson argued. “If Joe Biden is the nominee they might be able to vote for him, but they’re going to be able to vote for an Elizabeth Warren or a Kamala Harris or a Bernie Sanders. So what Amash may do is give them a siphon.”

“Why not a Kamala Harris?” Ruhle replied.

After Wilson described Harris as “too far left,” Ruhle asked the guest to name one of her policies that is too radical.

“Tell me, because it sounds like it’s more she’s just too black,” she added.

“I mean, that’s absurd, Stephanie — to go there,” Wilson shot back. “Bernie Sanders is too old. Why didn’t you go there first.”

“You think there’s that much separation ideologically between the three of them,” he continued after Ruhle conceded that she understands why “Bernie and Elizabeth Warren” are too far left. “I mention them they are the three front-runners. That’s why I brought that up. If you only go through each one Kamala Harris’ position. She took a position against private insurance which most Americans are against.”

Wilson went on to say that Runle’s suggestion that the “comparison is because of the color of her skin is really a little bit too 1960 for my taste and it’s not a fair statement.”

He concluded his point by predicting Amash could hurt Trump’s chances in the now-independent lawmaker’s home state of Michigan.

“He is someone who can appeal in Michigan. If Michigan is close like it was in 2016, Justin Amash could tilt the state to the Democrat nominee,” Wilson said. “But the fact is Justin Amash will probably lose the Republican primary and that’s why he switched parties.”

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