That’s the ‘Rationale of Terrorists’: Krauthammer Weighs in on ‘Apocalyptic’ Language Used By Both Parties

On Fox News’ Special Report, the panel discussed the political climate and whether or not things will get better after the shooting that took place at the GOP baseball practice Wednesday morning.

Laura Ingraham called the call for unity by both parties “nice” but added that the “kumbaya mentality” really glossed over at “how low we’ve gone.”

She then cited numerous incidents like the Ferguson and Baltimore riots and the Berkeley and Middlebury campus riots and said that this “carnage” will only continue to get worse “unless both parties speak out against how it incites the deranged already among us.”

Judge Andrew Napolitano expressed pessimism and said he thought this call for unity “won’t last much longer.”

“Whatever happens to [Steve Scalise],” Napolitano elaborated, “I think they will be back in the pits, at each other’s throats, fighting tooth and nail, using language that sends the wrong signals to young people, who regurgitate it on social media.”

When asked whether the media plays a role in the political climate, Charles Krauthammer slammed The New York Times for reviving the debunked notion that the killer who shot then-Congresswoman Gabby Giffords back in 2011 had a political motive.

Shifting back to the political discourse between both parties, “I think that the problem here is twofold,” Krauthammer began. “It’s not just the style, but it’s also the objectives. There’s now a style in our politics where the ad hominem is the norm,” adding “people ought to fight over policy, but once you begin to question the motives, the patriotism of your opponent, you’ve gone too far.”

He then went on to the second problem, which he believes is “worse” and “overlooked,” is how both parties speak in apocalyptic terms.

“If the other guy wins, it’s the end of the republic, if the other guy wins, it’s the end of the world,” he elaborated. “The man who did the shooting yesterday is a man who bought into that, quite literally.”

He continued, “When those are the stakes, when you say ‘Unless we stop Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump,’ the republic will not survive, then that justifies anything. That’s the language, the ideology, the rationale of terrorists.”

Krauthammer concluded that it’s “up to the leadership to say these are policies, this is not the fate of the republic.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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