The Daily Show Analyzes CNN Panel Discussions: ‘Their Priority is Producing a Sh*t Show’


On Thursday night, The Daily Show took on CNN’s unique art form of panel discussions.

In the latest edition of “Journalisming with Desi Lydic,” Desi Lydic explained to viewers that panels are “groups of experts brought together to debate today’s biggest issues” and how the “game has changed” since the days of William F. Buckley and that there’s “no channel that can panel” like CNN.

Lydic praised CNN’s various panel formats including “three boxes,” “five boxes,” “long tables,” “circle tables,” “horseshoe,” and “double stuffed,” and jokingly commended them for their “bunk table” efforts.

“So what makes CNN’s panels better than the rest?” Lydic asked. “Let’s start with the most important thing: You want a spirited debate. If the panelists can hear each other talk, you already failed.”

She then showed numerous clips of heated discussions between some of their most vocal pundits like Paris Dennard, Rick Wilson, Ben Ferguson, and Ana Navarro.

“CNN doesn’t waste time trying to solve a crisis or educate the viewer,” Lydic continued. “Their priority is producing a sh*t show that will get them millions of clicks on their YouTube page.”

Lydic then went on to her next tip for successful “train wreck” panels, which was meant for anchors like Brooke Baldwin, Don Lemon, and Anderson Cooper.

“Hosts need to moderate in moderation,” Lydic said. “Just let the chaos unfold.”

Her last “trick of the trade” was for the pundits: “bomb throwing.”

“Say things people will remember you for,” she told pundits.

She then played clips of some of the most outlandish things said on CNN, including one of former CNN commentator Jeffrey Lord calling President Donald Trump the “Martin Luther King of health care.”

Watch the clip above, via Comedy Central.

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