The Five Clashes Over Felons Getting Voting Rights: ‘Wow, You Think Willie Horton Is Good News?’


Fox News’ The Five clashed during a segment today on allowing felons to vote, as 2020 Democratic presidential candidates Sens. Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris have recently discussed various forms of felon enfranchisement.

“Bernie wants felons to vote because he knows that they will vote Democrat,” co-host Greg Gutfeld speculated after noting that Sanders wants to allow felons to vote while incarcerated.

Williams then argued for Harris’ plan, which is to reinstate voting rights once a felon is released from prison, saying that if a person “can’t reenter society” after incarceration, then it will result in a “high level of people going back to crime.”

Watters then jumped in with the hottest take of the segment.

“Democrats want terrorists to vote. Think about that one, Greg,” the Watters World host said. “They just handed Donald Trump the wedge-ist of wedge issues. Juan, I have a question. Are Democrats trying to lose this election? This is made to order for Donald Trump… This is Willie Horton 2.0.”

“Wow, you think Willie Horton is good news?” Williams shot back after Watters referenced the notorious African-American felon whose crimes were highlighted in the infamous “Willie Horton ad” to stir up white racial resentment during the 1988 election.

Watters replied with a long tirade about Democrats wanting to set up “voting booths on death row” because “they got rocked in 2016, so instead of trying to change their message, they are just trying to change the rules.”

“Do you think pedophiles voting or serial rapists voting is going to play in Ohio or Iowa?” he continued. “Democrats are trying to take away your First Amendment rights, your Second Amendment rights, but they want to give voting rights to terrorists.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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