Juan Williams

Fox’s Howard Kurtz Defends Spicer from ‘Media Mob’: Do They Want Him to ‘Wear a Scarlet Letter’?

Jesse Watters on Bourdain’s Poisoning Trump Joke: Wanting to Hurt POTUS Is a ‘Job Requirement’ at CNN

‘We Are Truly Heartbroken’: The Five Pays an Emotional Tribute to Eric Bolling’s Son

Greg Gutfeld and Juan Williams Blow Up Over DACA: ‘Are You Out of Your Mind?!?’

Jesse Watters on Comey’s Clinton Probe: ‘The FBI Should Change Its Motto to I’m With Her’

Jesse Watters Slams Trump For Not Proposing ‘Reaganesque’ Tax Cuts: It’s ‘Not The Government’s Money!’

‘I Kinda Admire It’: The Five Praises Trump’s ‘News Dump’ During Hurricane Harvey

The Five Explodes After Juan Williams Accuses Trump of Using Military ‘To Get Out’ of Charlottesville ‘Hole’

Jesse Watters and Juan Williams Rumble On Fox News: ‘Enough Juan, Enough’

Gutfeld: ‘I’ll Take The Liar’ If I Must Have a POTUS Who Lies About Boy Scouts But Destroys ISIS

Juan Williams Clashes With Watters, Guilfoyle Over Sessions: ‘He’s Not Trump’s Personal Lawyer!’

Jesse Watters Defends Don Jr. on Collusion Charge: ‘Democrats Are Trying to Criminalize Winning’

Meghan McCain and Juan Williams Throw Down Over Russian Meeting: ‘Those Are the Facts!’

Jesse Watters: The Left ‘Responded More Passionately to a Trump Tweet Than an ISIS Attack’

‘All of CNN Is Bogus Now?’ Juan Williams Clashes With Fox Co-Hosts Over CNN Controversies

The Five Hosts Joke About Kids ‘Dying From Cancer’ During Health Care Debate

‘How Dare You!’: Meghan McCain and Juan Williams Go At It Over Health Care

‘The Republican Party is a Disgrace’: Fox’s Stuart Varney Hammers GOP, Says ‘They Can’t Govern’

Fox’s Juan Williams to Co-Hosts: You’re ‘Trying to Distract People from the News of the Day’

‘I Have No Sympathy!’: Meghan McCain Blames Obama For All the Putin Drama

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