Juan Williams

Fox News’ The Five Clashes Over Ivanka Emails: ‘Not the Same’ as Clinton!

Jesse Watters Concedes He Would Have Been Apoplectic if Obama Skipped Arlington on Veterans Day

Fox’s Jesse Watters Erupts on Juan Williams For Defending Migrant Caravan: Are You Calling Sara Carter a Liar?!

During Heated Segment on Melania, Juan Williams Brings Up Past Insults Lobbed at Michelle Obama on Fox News

Fox News’ Juan Williams: There’s No Real Separation Between Fox and Trump Admin

Fox News’ Juan Williams on Trump-Kanye Meeting: When Obama Met With Rappers, ‘The Right Wing Went Nuts!’

Jesse Watters Argues Charlottesville Attack, Pizzagate Shooting ‘Different’ From Attacks on GOP Lawmakers

Fox News Host Rips ‘Disgraceful’ Hillary Clinton For Rejection of Civility: ‘She Sounds Unhinged’

Fox News’ The Five Gets Heated Over Trump Apologizing to Kavanaugh: ‘Why Doesn’t He Apologize to Ms. Ford?’

Fox News’ Juan Williams Confronts Sen. Cornyn Over Merrick Garland: You Didn’t Give Him a Fair Hearing

Fox News’ The Five Clashes Over Trump Going After Christine Ford: ‘That Was Not Mocking’

Greg Gutfeld and Juan Williams Have Rare — And Hilarious — Moment of Unity Mocking Trump’s Rhetoric

Fox News’ Martha MacCallum, Juan Williams Battle Over DeSantis Remark: Didn’t Sound Like ‘Racist Thing to Say’

Juan Williams Clashes With Co-Hosts Over Antifa: ‘Who’s Walking Around With Tiki Torches?’

WATCH: Outnumbered Battles Over ‘Feckless’ Jeff Sessions Amid Renewed Spat With Trump

Outnumbered Debate on Trump Investigations Gets Intense: If Washington Elites Don’t ‘Anoint You,’ They’ll ‘Destroy You’

The Five Gets Heated After Juan Williams Says Trump Using Murder of Mollie Tibbetts to Distract From Manafort-Cohen

Matt Schlapp: Journalists Say Their Freedoms Are Being ‘Muzzled’ Yet Fail to Report on Keith Ellison

Kayleigh McEnany Accuses Brennan of Being Part of Anti-Trump Conspiracy

The Five Erupts Over Media Coverage of Obama Vs. Trump: They’re ‘Dishonest Democrat Party Hacks’

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