The Tingle Is Back! Chris Matthews Excited To See Obama’s Cute, “Wonderful, Boyish Smile”

You have to admire one thing about Chris Matthews, when he’s got a feeling he just can’t fight it and wants to share it with everyone. Despite the criticism he received for infamously feeling a “thrill going up [his] leg” during a speech by President Obama and Matthews thinking he needed to defend that statement, he is at again, confessing that deep down he really, really likes so many characteristics of Obama.

First it was Obama’s oratory skills, and this time it’s his smile that is the target of Matthews’ affection. Discussing Obama’s comments on the successful passage of the tax compromise, Matthews gushed about Obama’s “cute smile we all love from that guy, that wonderful, boyish smile of his . . . I haven’t seen that in months.” With Obama happy, and Matthews even happier, it’s a wonder that the joyful holiday spirit did not extend to Matthews’ opinion of a certain ‘Female Zombie Congresswoman’.

Watch the clip from MSNBC‘s Hardball below:

(h/t) Newsbusters

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