‘This Is the Kekistani Flag’: Ali Velshi Breaks Down White Supremacist Groups From Charlottesville


In light of President Donald Trump’s comments that there were “some very fine people” at the neo-Nazi protest in Charlottesville on Saturday, MSNBC’s Ali Velshi broke down the various groups that attended the torch-lit demonstration that ended with a white supremacist terror attack.

Velshi analyzed the “Unite the Right” rally poster for the event, which featured a version of Benjamin Franklin’s famous “Join or Die” illustration, an emblem of the Revolutionary War.

But as Velshi pointed out, the Unite the Right version had changed Franklin’s divided snake to depict the “flags of eight different hate groups.”

Velshi then took a look at each of the eight groups, starting with the green and black flag, “the Kekistani flag,” the MSNBC anchor noted, which “mimics a German Nazi war flag.”

It’s kind of hard to describe exactly what Kekistan is, but briefly it’s a virtual “nation” imagined by online trolls on reddit and 4chan who support Trump and “praise Pepe,” the beloved cartoon frog turned racist symbol.

Also included on the rally poster are three anti-communist flags, which Velshi also labeled “alt right.”

The rest are an assortment of white supremacist, fascist, national socialist, and confederate flags, and finally the Alt Right flag — a group with a fairly amorphous definition, which Velshi described as “radical extremist conservatives,” that recruit “white, educated, young people.”

Velshi concluded with some words for Trump:

“Make no mistake, these are white supremacists,” he declared. “The president was wrong. These are not very fine people. This isn’t an opinion about how society should go. These are white supremacists, they are not patriots. They were violent racist, anti-semitic bigots who were screaming ‘Heil Trump’ and throwing the Nazi salute.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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