1 Dead, Many Injured After Car Plows Into Counter-Protesters at White Nationalist Rally


With Virginia already calling a state of emergency due to violent clashes breaking out between white supremacists and counter-protesters at today’s ‘Unite the Right’ rally in Charlottesville, things have taken a turn for the worse, if that was possible.

With anti-fascist counter-demonstrators marching in the street following the violence that led to the white nationalist rally being canceled and police dispersing the crowd, a car rammed through counter-protest at high speed, leading to obvious injuries and potential deaths.

As captured by the Rebelutionary Z’s livestream, one can see the vehicle plow into the back of two stopped cars, leading to a large group getting hit by the separate vehicles. The driver of the car then backs up and drives the badly damaged car away. Based on footage, this is clearly a deliberate attack.

MSNBC was at the scene of the accident moments later and at that time, law enforcement was still assessing the situation. You can watch that clip below:

The vice mayor of the city stated that one person has died in the violent clashes but would not immediately say if it was from the vehicle attack. Police have said that there were multiple injuries reported.

UPDATE 4:30 PM ET: According to authorities, one person was killed and 19 others injured in the car crash.

UPDATE 4:53 PM ET: CNN is now reporting that the driver of the vehicle is now in police custody.

UPDATE 6:30 PM ET: Governor Terry McAullife just revealed that the death toll from today’s civil unrest now stands at 3 individuals. One was a pedestrian who died at the result of the car crash and two police officers died at the result of a crash of a helicopter used to monitor the unrest.

Watch the clip at the top, via Rebelutionary Z. Warning: It is extremely graphic.

[image via screengrab]

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