Trevor Noah Mocks ‘Silly’ Democrat Scandals: ‘I Feel So Bad for Folks Who Take Fox News Seriously’


Trevor Noah lampooned the raft of “silly” scandals that have attended the start of the Democratic presidential primary race, and Fox News, in particular.

On Tuesday night’s edition of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, the host ran through a list of minor Fox News-propelled “scandals” like Kamala Harrislistening habits, or scares like Cory Booker’s veganism.

“Fox news is priceless,” Noah said. “Every day, Trump says crazy shit like Ted Cruz’s dad killed JFK, and they’re like, well, we’ll never know for sure, I mean, nobody knows.”

“Then Kamala Harris says she got high while listening to Snoop in college, and they’re, like, ”We called every medical school in the country and they have no record of a Dr. Dre! What’s going on here!” Noah joked.

He then played some clips of Fox News freaking out over Booker’s veganism, and urging their viewers to stock up on steaks.

“I feel so bad for folks who take Fox News seriously,” Noah said. “It has to be so much work. They’re always telling you, the Democrats are coming for your shit, you have to stockpile a lifetime supply of meat.”

Watch the clip above, via Comedy Central.

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