Trump Campaign’s Hogan Gidley Defends Against Claims President Endangered Secret Service By Going on a Joyride: ‘That’s Their Job!’


Hogan Gidley, and spokesperson for President Donald Trump’s campaign, defended the president against claims that he endangered Secret Service during his joy ride around Walter Reed Hospital — noting that it’s “their job” to always be around him.

Fox New’s Bill Hemmer asked Gidley about the backlash the president received following the drive, which included remarks from Trump’s own Secret Service team.

“He’s not even pretending to care now,” one agent told The Washington Post. “Where are the adults?” said another.

Gidley blasted the media as “absolutely stupid and foolish” for going after Trump for endangering others while still infected with the coronavirus — adding that the stunt was approved by the White House medical unit.

Gidley noted that the president arrived at the hospital with Secret Service, and has been driven and flown by other people as well. He did not note, however, that all other instances of transportation were essential, while his joy ride was not.

“They are always around him because that’s their job. They do it and they take it very seriously and I have for one and thankful they are around the place but I will make one point. That is with Covid, with a quarantine, at Walter Reed, this president still did more events yesterday than did Joe Biden.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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