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Trump Lays Out Policy Proposals in Shootings Address: ‘Mental Illness and Hatred Pulls the Trigger, Not the Gun’


President Donald Trump used a statement from the White House on Monday to call for a new series of policies in light of the recent shootings in Dayton and El Paso.

After a portion of his speech where Trump condemned the hateful ideologies that apparently motivated the El Paso shooter, he called for “real bipartisan solutions” to prevent further acts of mass violence. He started by calling for new measures to identify the early warning signs of potential shooters.

“The monster in the Parkland High School shooting in Florida had many red flags against him, and yet nobody took decisive action. Nobody did anything. Why not?”

Trump followed that by following the familiar Republican line by railing against video games and “the glorification of violence in our society.”

“It is too easy today for troubled youth to surround themselves with a culture that celebrates violence,” the president said. “Cultural change is hard, but each of us can choose to build a culture that celebrates the inherent worth and dignity of every human life.”

Trump continued by calling for mental health reforms and red flag laws to restrict firearms access to those who might pose a risk to the general public.

“Mental illness and hatred pulls the trigger, not the gun,” Trump said. “These are just a few of the areas of cooperation that we can pursue. I am open and ready to listen and discuss all ideas that will actually work and make a very big difference… Now is the time to set destructive partisanship aside and find the courage to answer hatred with unity, devotion and love.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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