Trump Praises Fox News’ Jesse Watters For Slamming Hillary Clinton Investigation: ‘So True Jesse!’


We at Mediaite suspected that President Donald Trump was watching Fox News on Saturday afternoon, given his tweet echoing the network’s talking points. Well, according to a tweet he sent out Sunday morning, it appears we were on to something.

Trump tweeted out a quote from Jesse Watters’ Saturday night Fox News show, Watters’ World, decrying the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails as “a rigged investigation.”

The segment Trump tweeted about was an interview with Florida Rep. Ron Desantis, on to discuss a Trump tweet (A+ feedback loop at work here) calling out the DOJ for slow walking “documents relating to FISA abuse,” and “Clinton Emails.”

“The initial counter-intelligence investigation [into the Trump campaign] we believe was opened up in July,” Watters said. “Right after the FBI closed the case on Hillary, which was a rigged investigation. Remember they exonerated her before they even interviewed her and they never even put her under oath. [Peter] Strzok and Lisa Page and [James] Comey heavily involved in that situation.”

“So true Jesse!” Trump said of the host’s comments. “@WattersWorld”

Just after his interview with the congressman, Watters turned to vloggers Diamond & Silk to get their take on Clinton. Which is sort of alarming when you remember that this is what Trump is watching as he gives the orders to launch 59 tomahawk missiles at an airbase in Syria in response to a horrific chemical attack.

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