Trump Tells Hannity ‘We Have Some Very, Very Bad People in Government That Would Be Willing to Do Bad Things’


President Trump‘s latest chat with Sean Hannity on Thursday night featured many familiar takes from both men, as well as some heated characterizations of government and law enforcement by the President in what was his first interview since the Robert Mueller hearing this week.

“These are very dishonest people. These are very bad people,” said Trump of his favorite whipping post, the media, as he noted that some reported Mueller’s testimony went well.

Hannity then asked about pardons and whether Trump has considered a pardon for any of those who faced charges as a result of the Russia investigation. Trump said he didn’t want to comment on that, but then added that his “absolute” pardon power is “a beautiful thing.”

Trump transitioned to talking about the investigation and said there’s a “whole new day starting” now that the investigation is concluded.

“I used to use, and I still use ‘Drain the Swamp’,” he said. “We have some very, very bad people in government, that would be willing to do very bad things and for bad reasons.”

Hannity then said he wanted to “switch to 2020” but asked about Trump’s feelings about various figures in the investigation instead.

“Comey. McCabe. Comey signed the first FISA warrant, which opened the door, apparently according to Nunes and the Grassley-Graham memo, the bulk of the information was Hillary’s bought and paid for dirty Russian dossier, and we found out from John Solomon last week they had a spreadsheet, even the FBI in early 2017 said ninety some odd percent of it was false, garbage, not true — Comey, though, signed it. That allowed a back door through Carter Page to spy on your campaign, later the transition, and then your presidency. But McCabe, Strzok, Page, Brennan, Clapper, maybe sourcing out what would be illegal intelligence gathering, and we know the attorney general is there. Is there any of these names–what do you think of these people? Because James Comey signed the first FISA application in October 2016, went to Trump Tower in January 2017 and told you it was unverified, months earlier, he swore, on that application, the FISA application, that it’s verified, so he lied. What are your thoughts about these people today?” said Hannity.

Trump replied that “Comey is a liar and a leaker,” and he listed several other names from Hannity’s introductory spiel, and added “these are bad people.”

“My opinion, they’re very bad people. They’ve been very bad for the country. They were — I used to think incompetent but they’re really I guess competent at other things and maybe bad things, but we will see what happens. I mean, I guess a lot of things are coming out and is going to be very interesting, and it will be great to clean up a real big mess,” said Trump. “Because again, it could never happen. This could never be allowed to happen again, Sean.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News Channel.

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