Tucker Carlson Rips Brooke Baldwin and Don Lemon for ‘Orwellian’ Reactions to ‘Mob’ Remarks


Tucker Carlson tonight blasted both Brooke Baldwin and Don Lemon for both of them taking issue with guests using the word “mob” in reference to liberal protesters.

Carlson said “angry left wing mobs” seem to be everywhere right now, but “the Democratic Party’s position is they do not exist, there are no mobs, ignore your lying eyes.”

He teed up the “Orwellian exchange” with Baldwin, in which the CNN anchor took issue with Matt Lewis saying that Ted Cruz was confronted by a “mob” at a restaurant recently.

“So a mob is not actually a mob because the word mob is not allowed on television anymore,” Carlson said. “But wait. Aren’t journalists supposed to be the champions of clear language? Well, not when euphemism better serves their political goals. If banning words is what it takes to help the Democratic party, they’re happy to do it.”

He then showed the video of Lemon clashing with Lewis over what the latter criticized as “mob behavior” on the left. Things ended up getting really heated.

Carlson showed the video of Cruz at the restaurant and said there’s no way “Don Lemon and his fellow CNN anchors would describe that as a legitimate, constitutionally-protected protest” if Cruz was a Democrat.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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