Tucker Carlson Trashes ‘Snake’ John Bolton: How Are People Surprised He Betrayed Trump?


President Donald Trump has frequently cited the poem “The Snake” in going off on immigration during campaign events. Tonight Tucker Carlson said the poem (“you knew damn well I was a snake when you took me in”) also applies to John Bolton.

Reports on Bolton’s book have sent shockwaves throughout Washington, given how he apparently details Trump connecting the Ukraine aid freeze to investigations he sought, and there’s new pressure for the Senate to call Bolton as a witness in the impeachment trial.

“Republicans in Washington tonight seem shocked to discover that John Bolton has turned and betrayed his former boss President Trump. But they shouldn’t be shocked. That’s who John Bolton is. That’s who John Bolton has always been. That’s what John Bolton does,” Carlson said.

Carlson ripped Bolton for being obsessed with war with both Iran and Russia, saying, “Bolton genuinely, passionately loved war. In the end, of course, he didn’t get it. Trump blocked him at the brink of more than one conflict. He finally left in well-deserved humiliation.”

He said potential Bolton testimony won’t matter because Trump will be acquitted and this is a “stupid sideshow.”

Carlson concluded by asking, “How did a guy who disagrees so completely with everything Donald Trump ran on and won on — how did that guy wind up in a position of power in the White House? Good question. Because he’s not the only one.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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