Tulsi Gabbard Refuses to Say Syria’s Assad is a War Criminal


On Sunday, 2020 Democratic hopeful Tulsi Gabbard joined Dana Bash for a CNN Town Hall.

During that Town Hall, she was asked about her prior comments on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Last month, Gabbard said Assad is “not the enemy of the United States.”

Asked about her comments during the Town Hall, though,  Gabbard said her comments were “misunderstood.”

“Do you remain skeptical as you were in 2017 that Bashir Al-Assad used chemical warfare against Syrian civilians?” an audience member asked.

Gabbard replied:

I want to correct that. There has been some misunderstanding. There have been reports showing that chemical weapons have been used in Syria, both by the Syrian government as well as different terrorist groups on the ground in Syria. The skepticism and the questions that I raised were very specific around incidents that the Trump Administration was trying to use as an excuse to launch a U.S. Military attack in Syria. Now, I served in a war in Iraq, a war that was launched based on lies and a war that was launched without evidence. And so the American people were duped. As a soldier, an American, a member of Congress, it is my duty and my responsibility to exercise skepticism any time anyone tries to send our service members into harm’s way or use our military to go in and start a new war.

At one point, Bash followed up by asking Gabbard if she thought Assad was a war criminal.

The 2020 hopeful refused to give a definitive “yes.”

Instead, Gabbard said this: “I think that the evidence needs to be gathered and, as I have said before, if there is evidence that he has committed war crimes, he should be prosecuted as such.”

Watch above, via CNN

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