Dana Bash

CNN’s Dana Bash on the ‘CNN Sucks’ Sticker From Suspect’s Van: Trump Has Enjoyed Stoking Those Chants

Hirono Blasts Susan Collins for Her ‘Insulting’ Doubt of Ford’s Story: ‘What is That?’

Susan Collins Doubles Down on Kavanaugh Defense: I Don’t Believe He Was Ford’s Attacker

Lindsey Graham on CNN: ‘Pisses Me Off’ When Trump Bashes John McCain

When Trump Found Out About Tape, He Reportedly Said ‘I Can’t Believe Michael Would Do This to Me’

Republican Congressman Asks Why We Can’t Call Women Sluts Anymore

Brooke Baldwin Tears Into Trump’s Attempted Russia Clean-Up: How Gullible Does He Think Americans Are?!

CNN’s Dana Bash: Reporters Asked Questions of Putin That Trump ‘Failed to Do’

CNN’s Anderson Cooper Compares Trump to Autistic ‘Rain Man’ Over Obsession With Hillary Clinton’s Emails

CNN’s Toobin: Trump Was ‘Encouraging Russia to Keep Stealing These Emails’ During Campaign

Dana Bash, Bret Baier Press Pence on Trump Refusing to Say Whether Putin’s a Friend or Foe

Giuliani Doubles Down on Stormy Daniels Smear in ‘Lively’ Call With Dana Bash: She’s in a ‘Slimy Business’

GOP Strategist: McCarthy ‘Disqualified Himself’ for House Speaker With ‘Disgraceful’ Claims on Sunday Shows

CNN’s Dana Bash Presses Top GOP Rep. on Trump Tower Statement: Are You Concerned About the Lies?

Giuliani Rants About Mueller Probe in Latest Bizarre Interview: Used to Think it Was Legit, Now ‘I See Spygate’

UTA White House Correspondents Party Brings Out Media’s Biggest Stars

CNN’s Dana Bash Defends Asking ‘Completely Legitimate Question’ to Kellyanne Conway

The View Slams Kellyanne: ‘Really, Really Slimy’ For Conway to Smear CNN’s Dana Bash

Howard Kurtz Hits CNN’s Dana Bash For ‘Cringe-Inducing’ Conway Interview: ‘Out of Bounds’

WATCH: Bob Corker Has a Hard Time Saying Nice Things About GOP Candidate to Replace Him

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