Dana Bash

Sherrod Brown Tells CNN’s Dana Bash Why He Doesn’t Support Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All Plan

Sherrod Brown Refuses to Say He Endorses Beto O’Rourke’s Idea to Tear Down Existing Border Wall

Sherrod Brown Claims Democrats Are Not Divided Over Tanked Amazon Deal

Kellyanne Conway Tells CNN’s Dana Bash She Was Assaulted at a Restaurant By an ‘Unhinged’ Woman

Giuliani Sounds Off Again to CNN’s Dana Bash: ‘I Am Not Lying for the President’

Kellyanne Blames Dems for Politicizing Border Kids Deaths; Dana Bash: Isn’t That What Trump is Doing?

Giuliani: Trump is Ready to ‘Fight’ Democrats ‘In Court’ Over Release of His Tax Returns

CNN’s Dana Bash Goes Off on Sarah Sanders: How Can She Say Flynn’s Actions Have Nothing to Do With Trump?!

Blue Checks See Red Over Green Policy CNN Panel with Rick Santorum: ‘They’re Literally Aiding and Abetting Genocide’

CNN’s Dana Bash on Melania Calling for Deputy NatSec Adviser’s Exit: This Is a ‘Public Shaming’

CNN’s Dana Bash on the ‘CNN Sucks’ Sticker From Suspect’s Van: Trump Has Enjoyed Stoking Those Chants

Hirono Blasts Susan Collins for Her ‘Insulting’ Doubt of Ford’s Story: ‘What is That?’

Susan Collins Doubles Down on Kavanaugh Defense: I Don’t Believe He Was Ford’s Attacker

Lindsey Graham on CNN: ‘Pisses Me Off’ When Trump Bashes John McCain

When Trump Found Out About Tape, He Reportedly Said ‘I Can’t Believe Michael Would Do This to Me’

Republican Congressman Asks Why We Can’t Call Women Sluts Anymore

Brooke Baldwin Tears Into Trump’s Attempted Russia Clean-Up: How Gullible Does He Think Americans Are?!

CNN’s Dana Bash: Reporters Asked Questions of Putin That Trump ‘Failed to Do’

CNN’s Anderson Cooper Compares Trump to Autistic ‘Rain Man’ Over Obsession With Hillary Clinton’s Emails

CNN’s Toobin: Trump Was ‘Encouraging Russia to Keep Stealing These Emails’ During Campaign

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