WATCH: Biden Pressed on Supply Chain Crisis, Rising Gas Prices at CNN Town Hall


President Joe Biden was pressed on the supply chain crisis, inflation, and rising gas prices during his CNN town hall Thursday night.

One student asked the president about small businesses hurting as a result of the serious supply chain issues.

“We have a significant supply chain problem,” Biden acknowledged.

“I met with the businesspeople. I met with all their major customers, the Walmarts of the world and all the rest. There are like 70 ships waiting out there unable to get unloaded,” he continued. “And because the longshoremen don’t always get along with the business folks in there, I have a relationship with them, and I brought them together and I said you’ve got to be open 24/7. No port there was open five days a week 40 hours a week. 24/7. They’ve all agreed to it. They’ve agreed to it.”

Anderson Cooper asked if he would consider bringing in the National Guard to address the supply chain issue.

The president said he would.

Asked if he has a timetable for his plan, Biden said, “I want to get the ports up and running and get the railroads and the railheads and the trucks in port ready to move because I’ve gotten Walmart and others to say we’re going to move stuff off of the port into our warehouses.”

The next questioner told Biden she’s struggling because of rising gas, utility, and grocery prices. When Cooper asked if high inflation is going to last for a while, the president said, “I don’t think it will last, depending what we do. If we stay exactly where we are, yes. If we don’t make these investments, yes.”

Cooper also questioned the president on rising gas prices. You can watch the full exchange above, via CNN.

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