Watch Brian Williams and Rachel Maddow React to Protestor Giving Trump ‘One Fingered Salute’

As Rachel Maddow and Brian Williams manned MSNBC’s primetime special coverage of President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union, they provided some colorful analysis of a certain unruly protestor.

While commenting on Trump’s motorcade making its way from the White House, Williams pointed out the protestors confronting the president as he arrived on Capitol Hill to deliver his speech.

“We saw the motorcade around what is really the final turn as it heads up to Capitol Hill. It encountered a small, but vocal, as they say, group of protesters including a gentleman you might have seen who had a funny way of waving to the motorcade,” Williams noted with his trademark dryness.

“A one-fingered salute,” Maddow quipped.

“It was by my count eight fingers short of a full two-handed wave there,” Williams added (though we’re not sure his math is entirely accurate). “I don’t know what it is we just witnessed but there, the limousines are arriving up on the Hill.”

Watch above, via MSNBC, and watch Trump’s SOTU live here.

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