WATCH: Kavanaugh Accuser Julie Swetnick Backtracks on Some Claims in Extensive NBC News Interview


Julie Swetnick, the woman who accused Brett Kavanaugh of drugging women and participating in gang rapes in the 1980s, spoke out at length about her allegations in an interview that aired on MSNBC Monday.

NBC News started off by noting it could not independently verify her claims. Swetnick spoke to NBC News correspondent Kate Snow about her allegations, made in a statement released last week, that Kavanaugh and his friend Mark Judge attended a party where she was drugged and gang raped. While she did not accuse Kavanaugh of assaulting her, she claimed she witnessed him participate in gang rapes. Kavanaugh has vehemently denied the allegations and denied even knowing Swetnick.

Swetnick, a current government employee being represented by lawyer Michael Avenatti, told Snow that at parties Kavanaugh was “very aggressive, very sloppy drunk, very mean drunk.”

“I saw him go up to girls and paw on them… touching them in private parts, try and shift clothing,” she claimed. “I saw him push girls against walls. He would pretend to stumble and stumble into them, push them into a wall. He would grope them.”

NBC News noted there were differences in Swetnick’s initial statement and her comments to the outlet, notably her assertion that Kavanaugh spiked punch at the parties so that groups of boys could rape girls.

Swetnick did not confirm that she saw Kavanaugh spike punch, but simply said she “saw him around the punch containers.”

“I don’t know what he did,” she told NBC.

She also appeared to backtrack on her suggestion that Kavanaugh was involved in gang rapes, saying she only saw him congregated with other boys outside of rooms. When Snow asked if she thought the boys were gathered in order to rape girls in the rooms, Swetnick replied “yes.”

“It’s just too coincidental,” she said.

She continued that she came to that realization when she was raped herself. She said her assault happened at a party at the hands of multiple boys after her drink was spiked. She said that while she did not know if Kavanaugh and Judge participated in her rape, they were at the party near her where she began to feel sick.

She added that she contacted the police and told her mother about the alleged assault.

At Kavanaugh’s hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, he called Swetnick’s allegations “a joke.”

“He’s a liar,” Swetnick told NBC News in response to Kavanaugh.

Swetnick also responded to reports on lawsuits filed against her by her former employer, and a restraining order filed against her by an ex-boyfriend.

She provided four names to NBC News that she said could confirm her descriptions of the parties in the 1980s. NBC News contacted all four: one said they did not remember a Julie Swetnick, one was dead, and two did not respond, per Snow.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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