WATCH: MSNBC Reacts to Emotional Trump Fans at Rally


In Minnesota on Wednesday, President Donald Trump held yet another motivational rally with his supporters, carried in full by Fox News and covered later for news by other networks.

Among those covering it after the fact, MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle on Thursday played a clip of some of Trump’s supporters following the rally — speaking with NBC reporters about their reactions to the event, and the news in general.

The Trump fans were remarkably emotional, with one woman breaking down in tears over the persecution of Donald Trump. As the woman became choked up, the reporter said, “I see you getting emotional, why is that?”

“Because — I just — he just…He just tries so hard and so many people are so down on him,” the woman said.

The next person in the clip was a male supporter who was equally emotional in a different way: fired up and angry.

He sarcastically drawled out “Won’t someone please care for the children,” mocking the concerns over the last week for families and children separated at the border. It is a situation President Trump addressed with an executive order, and about which Trump stated he had great concerns for the children.

During the rally, Trump brought up the executive order briefly, saying they were keeping families together before emphasizing his toughness on the border. The man in this video, as was intended and designed, only focused on the second part.

MSNBC’s Ruhle reacted immediately after the clip ended, asking “what in the world are they talking about?”

Ruhle turned to Republican guest, former congressman Dave Jolly of Florida. Jolly said the people in the crowd react to the tone set by the President.

“The voices we hear at Trump rallies reflect what Donald Trump himself has defined as the tone and tenor of the country,” he said.

“I’ll say this as a republican, because on immigration, we like to say we’re a nation of laws,” he added. “But we’re also a loving and caring nation. Those two are not mutually exclusive. We can be a nation of laws while also being a loving and caring nation.”

In 2008, Republicans highlighted many stories of Obama fans reacting emotionally at his campaign rallies, frequently referring to his following as a cult of personality and expressing disgust, anger, or concern over the devotion of his base. Just in case you forgot.

Watch above, via MSNBC

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