‘We Gonna Die in Here’: On CNN, Louisiana Woman Cries for Help from Biden, FEMA, Red Cross in Aftermath of Hurricane Ida


On CNN, a Louisiana woman cried for help from President Joe Biden, FEMA and the Red Cross in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida ahead of Biden’s visit on Friday to the state, where there are power outages and flooding.

During a CNN Newsroom segment on Friday, correspondent Adrienne Broaddus, reporting from Louisiana, said that “people who live here say they’re happy President Biden is coming, but they want him to know they are hurting.”

The segment then featured a soundbite from New Orleans resident Myra Castro calling for assistance from the federal government and the Red Cross.

“We’re in the heat. We aint got no lights … Almost five days. I got to sleep in the car. My kids are hot. We hungry. We gonna die in here. Where is FEMA? Where is the Red Cross? We need help now!” said Castro, clapping her hands. “Can y’all help us? We ‘bout to die. We got children in here. I’m a single mom and I’m doing it by myself. It’s hard out here. Can they help us? Where is the president? Can he come help us? Where’s the FEMA?”

Watch above, via CNN.

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