‘Whistling Past A Graveyard’: Scarborough Blasts House GOP’s Embarrassing Lack Of ‘Competence’

The Morning Joe crew rounded out the week with a harsh critique of ever-dysfunctional Washington. Specifically pointing to yesterday’s farm bill failure, the hosts and guests found the ordeal to be sad — but also an embarrassment. The House GOP leadership was blindsided, Joe Scarborough asserted, and has simply been incompetent.

Scarborough deemed the situation “unbelievable,” pointing to a Congress with a 10 percent approval rating and a “House that doesn’t talk to the Senate.” While Republicans can pass a farm bill without Democrats, in this case, there were Democrats who agreed with them — so it’s a “stinging indictment” for House Speaker John Boehner.

“This isn’t Washington being dysfunctional,” Scarborough charged, “so much as it is that the House GOP leadership just got blindsided in a way you should never be blindsided if you’re running the House.”

As the roundtable recalled the good old days when a bill wouldn’t be brought to the floor if it didn’t have the votes, Harold Ford, Jr. recalled Tom DeLay while Eugene Robinson pointed to Nancy Pelosi. Those who think immigration reform will happen are “whistling past a graveyard,” Scarborough argued.

“This is about competence,” he emphasized. “And the House leadership does not have competence, right now on counting votes obviously. This is a real embarrassment.”

Take a look, via MSNBC:

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