comScore Stephen Colbert Mocks WH Stonewalling In 'Just Say No' Anti-Subpoena PSA Parody

Stephen Colbert Mocks Trump WH Stonewalling in ’80s Anti-Drug PSA Parody: ‘Just Say No’ to Subpoenas

In the Late Show with Stephen Colbert’s cold open, the show parodied President Donald Trump’s blanket refusal to comply with Congressional subpoenas, reimagining the classic, ’80s “This is your brain on drugs” PSA.

“Every day, Trump officials are offered dangerous subpoenas to testify against the president, but you don’t have to give in to legal peer pressure,” the ad parody ominously warned. “Just say no.”

Splicing in grainy footage from the original PSA, savvy teenage kids were shown apparently turning down sinister offers to speak with Congress about Trump’s possible misconduct.

“Yo, my man, do you want to respond to a subpoena?”

“No way.”

Then, recreating the ad’s iconic analogy, a stern-looking man is shown standing in front of a hot stove with a carton of eggs.

“Still don’t get it? This is a subpoena,” he said, picking up an egg. “This is President Trump,” he continued, gesturing to a pan on the stove.

“This is President Trump when you respond to a subpoena,” he intoned, cracking the egg into the hot skillet and then bizarrely throwing a handcuff on its handle. “Any questions?”

Watch the video above, via CBS.

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