Dreadlocked White Dude FLIPS OUT With Anti-Vax Rant Before SD County Council: ‘HAVE YOU BEEN A GOOD LITTLE NAZI?!’


Vaccinations for Covid-19 have proven to be a safe and effective way for citizens to both stay out of the hospital and stay alive amid the global pandemic caused by the potentially deadly pathogen. That hasn’t kept a persistent and largely misinformed subset of people who find vaccine mandates to be a serious infringement on their personal freedoms to risk getting deathly ill due to their … liberties.

Take for example Matt Baker, who is the dreadlocked White dude who went off in a seriously unhinged fit of rage before a San Diego County Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday. Channeling some sort of Rastafarian version of pro wrestler Hulk Hogan, Baker went off at the microphone, warning about what he sees as the downside of vaccine passports.

“You do not get a vaccine passport put on us!” he screamed. “You know ass the population who’s in control, you know that the people are the politicians what you get power will never relinquish it. Do you think that the four feet of marble that holds you above, high in this chamber will help you from the fate of humanity which you are UNLEASHING?!” he continued in a manner that was equal parts performative and unhinged. “NOOOOOO! It won’t!” he replied (making sure there was no confusion in the room about his point.) He then rhetorically posed a question about all vaccines, adding “HAVE YOU BEEN A GOOD LITTLE NAZI!?”

According to what appears to be an Antifa-related San Diego-based Twitter account SDAgainstFash, the bedreadlocked anti-vaxxer featured above is Matt Baker, who also participated in a Proud Boys protest in Los Angeles the previous weekend.



(H/T Philip Molnar)

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