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WATCH: CNN’s Alisyn Camerota Prank Calls Geraldo Rivera for Mustache Advice

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota recently called her old Fox News colleague, Geraldo Rivera, and asked questions about his prominent mustache.

During a broad-range conversation with home renovation podcaster Brian Kelsey, Camerota was asked if she could show him how many interesting contacts she’s accumulated on her cell phone over the years. Kelsey was very interested in having a call with one of Camerota’s contacts, and he eventually landed on Rivera because “I’ve been thinking about growing a mustache.”

Kelsey called the number Camerota provided and, sure enough, Rivera was on the other end. When Camerota informed him of why she was calling, he started laughing and said: “it takes a real man to wear a mustache in the 21st century.”

Kelsey soon got on the call and called Rivara’s stache “the Shangri-La of mustaches” before asking for tips and pointers. From there, Rivera shared the life story of his stache, the evolution of its look, and his secrets for care and maintenance.

Camerota and Kelsey laughed throughout the entire conversation, and by the time Rivera hung up, the CNN host told Kelsey that “Geraldo sold it” and he should go ahead with growing a stache.

Watch above (start at the 10-minute mark), via Brian Kelsey.

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