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WATCH: Local News Team Debates Whether to Kill Fly Live On Air — But Wait for the Twist Ending


The crew at Chicago’s WGN Morning News held a suspenseful and hilarious debate about whether they should kill a “monster fly” that took over the studio, and landed on the news desk. Read no further if you’d rather watch the video without spoilers.

It was a tense 90 seconds or so as the news team conducted an emotional tug-of-war over the fly’s fate.

Anchor Larry Potash appeared to send the fly, well, flying by slamming his laptop shut, and empathetic sports anchor Pat Tomasulo leaned in and noted “Oh, he’s got a busted wing, this poor guy.”

“Did you hurt him?” co-anchor Robin Baumgarten asked, accusatorily.

“I didn’t touch him!” Tomasulo protested, as Baumgarten cried “Don’t touch it!”

“Kill him!” weather reporter Paul Konrad demanded.

“I’m trying to help him,” Tomasulo said, eventually helping the fly achieve flight with a flick of his finger.

But the story didn’t end there. About an hour later, Konrad interrupted his weather report to say “That blasted fly that I said we should have killed? Just landed on my head a second ago.”

Someone offscreen offered to come in and kill the vengeful fly for Konrad, but by then it had made its escape up into the studio’s rafters, and Konrad was left to ponder his earlier bloodlust.

At least it wasn’t a cicada.

Watch above via WGN America.

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