WATCH OUT: Sen. Marsha Blackburn Interview on Fox Business Interrupted by Falling Light Fixture

Sen. Marsha Blackburn’s (R-TN) otherwise routine interview with Fox Business host Charles Payne on Thursday was dramatically interrupted by a lighting fixture loudly falling to the ground in the background.

“Jobs the economy, economic growth, the GDP, trade, holding China accountable, dealing with Huawei, funding our military, making certain that we’re addressing the issues at the border and this is what people want to see done and I got to tell you, summertime, it might be hot but people are pretty happy campers,” Blackburn said, praising President Donald Trump on Making Money with Charles Payne.

Just as Blackburn was finishing up her point, you can hear a loud creak signaling the lighting fixture about to swing down to the ground. Then it comes clattering down. Blackburn was understandably surprised as was Payne.

“Are you OK? Oh my goodness,” Payne quickly asked.

Blackburn said she was fine, laughing.

Both Blackburn and Payne later joked about the accident on Twitter.

“It’s only her first year as a US Senator and already Marsha Blackburn is bringing down the house (like really bringing down the house),” Payne joked.

Watch above, via Fox Business.

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