Dem Committee Offers ‘Cheat Sheet’ for Dealing with ‘Crazy Tea Party Cousin’ on Thanksgiving

To capitalize on Thanksgiving week, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) offers a “cheat sheet” for arguing with a “crazy Tea Party cousin” during your turkey-eating festivities.

“Got a crazy Tea Party cousin? We’ll text you a Thanksgiving Cheat Sheet with the facts you need,” the DCCC official Twitter handle told followers on Tuesday afternoon. The tweet included a link to a sign-up page where anyone can submit their name and phone number to receive a text version of the so-called “cheat sheet.”

The sheet itself mostly contains Democratic talking points on the minimum wage, immigration reform, outsourcing, the “war on women,” and “big oil,” among other topics.

The overall purpose of the DCCC tip sheet, however, is to advance the prospects of the many Democratic members of Congress up for re-election in 2014. “With a Democratic Congress, President Obama could break the gridlock and pass the agenda that Americans are demanding,” a sub-header reads before listing off bullet-points on a variety of issues.

Read the full “Know Your Stuffing” cheat sheet below:

Cheat Sheet 2013

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