Bolling, Guests Gauge GOP War on O’Reilly: Is ‘John McBoehner’ Surrendering to Dems?

Subbing in for Bill O’Reilly, Eric Bolling tackled the GOP civil war head-on Friday, which hit a fever pitch with John Boehner‘s very public sniping at conservative groups this week. Scottie Nell Hughes awarded Boehner the moniker “John McBoehner” for being the John McCain of the House to the GOP, while Brad Blakeman argued a mild deal that both sides don’t exactly like is the best thing anyone can settle for right now.

Blakeman said the tea party’s been “terrific help” in the past, but not when it came to the shutdown. He asked why the GOP isn’t united on Obamacare, but Hughes was quick to point out that comments like Blakeman’s about the tea party might be the reason. They went back and forth about whether the GOP has to settle and wait to retake the Senate, with Hughes arguing the budget compromise is tilted in the Democrats’ favor.

Bolling acknowledged that the political pendulum is “swinging away from the tea party right now,” and tried to end the segment on a conciliatory note by showing Nancy Pelosi confirming she told Democrats to “embrace the suck” on the budget deal. Bolling mused that “embrace the suck” might very well be the theme of Obama’s presidency thus far.

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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