Trump Tweets About Fox News Segment During Government Shutdown: ‘Working Hard!’


As the second day of the government shutdown came to a close, President Donald Trump was tweeting about a Fox News segment in which two contributors to the network praised his first year job performance.

The president, who recently said he doesn’t have time to watch TV because he spends too much time “reading documents,” had ostensibly been spending his Sunday night watching Fox News.

Fox Report Sunday featured a segment in which former George W. Bush deputy assistant Brad Blakeman and former Bill Clinton adviser Doug Schoen were asked to grade Trump’s first year in office.

Blakeman kicked things off, giving Trump a “strong A” rating for his first year — arguing that although Trump was new to politics, he still “hit the ground running.”

Schoen was more tempered in his assessment, but still praised Trump’s inaugural year.

“I’m a Democrat, and I try to be nonpartisan about this,” Schoen said, before pointing out that the U.S. economy “has been very good,” and that Trump “has asserted American power all over the world.”

Schoen contrasted this by stating that the president “has been a little bit more divisive and polarizing, in both his rhetoric and tweets” — and ended up giving Trump a B rating.

Trump thanked the two political commentators for their assessments in his tweet, adding “Working hard!” for good measure.

Watch the Fox News segment above.

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