WATCH: Fox News Debate Rages After Ex-Bush Staffer Rips Obama For Saying We Live in ‘Strange Times’


“Given the strange and uncertain times that we are in, and they are strange, and they are uncertain…each day’s news cycles bringing more head spinning and disturbing headlines.”

Those are the words of former President Barack Obama — speaking at an event in South Africa.

And those words drew the ire of former George W. Bush White House staffer Brad Blakeman Tuesday on Fox News.

“Disgraceful,” Blakeman said. “The fact that a former American president on foreign soil would say the comments he did — veiled comments, by the way, not direct — about this president and the current state of American affairs…It’s beyond the pale that the president would do that.”

The fiery reaction to what seemed to be — at most — a mild critique from the ex-president set off former Obama staffer and current vice DNC chair Michael Blake.

“This is absurd that we listen to Republicans convey this foolishness,” Blake said. “As someone who actually worked for President Obama, for you to convey it is disgraceful that Barack Obama said we’re in strange and uncertain times when Donald Trump literally sided with a thug at a dictator yesterday is ridiculous to me.”

The two battled for a bit over Trump’s performance in Helsinki before Blakeman went on to claim that Obama was guilty of colluding with Russians when he was heard telling that nation’s outgoing president that he’d have “more flexibility” after his re-election.

“That’s colluding with the Russians on an election!” Blakeman said.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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