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The Five Praises Trump CIA Director Pick Who Oversaw Torture: ‘She’s A Hero’ Who ‘Saves Lives’

James O’Keefe Reportedly Used Fake Startup to Try and Prove Anti-Conservative Bias at Twitter

NYT Opinion Mocked For Cringey Rex Tillerson Exit Montage: ‘Pivot Away From Video’

Dana Perino and Kilmeade Mock CNN Over Stormy Daniels Coverage: ‘Why Did I Go to Journalism School?’

7 Most Insane Quotes About Killing Liberals in Kurt Schlichter’s ‘Second Civil War’ Fantasy Article

California AG Says Trump Should ‘Be Careful if He Ever Finds Himself in a Dark Alley with Maxine Waters’

Fox & Friends Debates Death Penalty For Drug Dealers: Trump ‘Is Usually Correct in His Instincts’

Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen Tells CNN’s Brian Stelter to ‘Wear More Makeup on TV’

Five Dead After Helicopter Crashes Into New York’s East River

Oprah Offers Advice on Surviving ‘Darkness’ of Trump’s America: Be ‘A Warrior of the Light’

Scaramucci Hits Trump For ‘War on the Media’: Attacks on Press Are ‘Not Good For America’

Connecticut Governor Takes Shot at NRA For Fighting ‘Against Gun Safety’ Measures: ‘There is Blood on Their Hands’

Trump Reportedly Promised Netanyahu He Will Leave Iran Deal Unless ‘Significant Changes’ Are Made

Atlantic Editor Jeffrey Goldberg: Trump Just Gave Kim Jong Un ‘Something For Nothing’

NY Post Piece on Identifying a Child Psychopath Perfectly Describes America’s Adult Psychopath

Joe Scarborough Defends NYT’s Bari Weiss After Erroneous Piece: You’re ‘A Free Speech Champion’

Chris Cuomo Grills Sen. Ron Johnson on FBI Conspiracy: ‘You Know’ There’s No Secret Society

NYT Issues Correction After Bari Weiss Uses ‘Antifa’ Account Run By Alt-Right Trolls to Prove Left is Intolerant

McDonald’s Flips Golden Arches in a ‘Celebration of Women Everywhere’

Facebook and the AP Team Up to ‘Debunk Election Misinformation’ for the Midterms

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