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Sanders Clarifies: John Kelly Can Be Questioned But People Shouldn’t Be ‘Impugning His Credibility’

Karl Rove: People Are Praising Bush to ‘Find a Way to Hate Trump Even More’

Ari Melber Addressees Gen. Kelly: ‘You Will Be Debated, You Will Be Questioned’

Sharpton: I Disagreed a Lot With George W. Bush, But He Never ‘Got in the Gutter’

Trump: John Kelly Was ‘So Offended’ That Rep. Wilson Was Listening to Call

Rep. Frederica Wilson: ‘The White House Itself Is Full of White Supremacists’

Rick Wilson Goes Off on Ben Ferguson in Heated Clash Over Trump: You’re ‘Defending the Indefensible!’

CNN Panel Slams Sarah Sanders: The Suggestion ‘No One Can Question Gen. Kelly’ Is ‘Dangerous’

Twitter Becomes Obsessed with Weird ‘Fake Melania’ Conspiracy Theory

‘I Am Sorry’: Nicolle Wallace Goes On a Tear About Trump’s Actions This Week

Gold Star Widow Tells CNN She Did Not Receive Promised Call from Trump

Sarah Sanders on Trump’s ‘Proof’ of Widow Call: No Recording But Others in the Room

Ben Sasse Apologizes for Distraction During Hearing: ‘I Dumped a Dr. Pepper on Senator Cruz’

Dem Rep. Says She Demanded to Speak to Trump After Widow Call: ‘I Wanted to Curse Him Out’

Sen. Leahy Grills Sessions Over Russia: ‘You Concealed Your Own Contact’

Sessions: ‘Significance of the Error’ Comey Made on Clinton Case Hasn’t Been Fully Understood

Trump: Now People Are Trying to ‘Destroy Statues of Christopher Columbus; What’s Next?’

Sean Spicer Reportedly Spoke With Mueller’s Team on Monday

SNL Alum Taran Killam: Letting Trump Host ‘Embarrassing and Shameful’

Now Harvey Weinstein’s Brother Bob Is Being Accused of Sexual Harassment

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