CNN’s S.E. Cupp: It Seems Like Elizabeth Warren’s ‘Candidacy is DOA’


On Saturday, CNN’s S.E. Cupp opened up her show with a conversation about Elizabeth Warren‘s pre-candidacy and her chances of beating President Donald Trump in 2020.

Cupp was not impressed.

“Here’s the deal,” Cupp began. “Elizabeth Warren may have been a Democratic star at one point, going from her humble Harvard professor roots to leader of the anti-banker posse, even taking credit at one point for the ‘intellectual foundation’ of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Yes, that’s how she talks. But in the years that followed, her national appeal waned considerably.”

She then added it is hard to see in the 2020 race what boxes Warren checks at all.

“Excitement? No. Polls show there’s far more support for former Vice President Joe Biden, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, New Jersey Senator Cory Booker and even Texas Congressman Beto O’rourke who until a year ago, most people had never heard of… Broad appeal? Hardly. Warren’s far left progressivism may be a fan favorite in the primaries but coastal politics and unrelatability make her a non-starter for wide swaths of voters in a general.”

Then, referring to Warren’s Native American ancestry claim and DNA test she further stressed Warren lacks “authenticity.”

“We all remember the DNA test debacle in which she boasted of her Oklahoma roots and Native American ties and then released a DNA test to prove her Native American heritage, which backfired spectacularly,”  Cupp said. “I have said it before, Democrats need a candidate who can beat Donald Trump. She has proven she cannot. For that reason alone, Democrats can do better. ”

Finally, after being joined by panelists she added that even this early  “it seems like Warren’s candidacy is DOA.”

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