NY Times‘ Thomas Friedman: ‘No Question’ ISIS Wants Trump to Be President

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 10.08.25 AMAppearing on Imus in the Morning Tuesday, New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman told host Don Imus that he believes that Islamic State wants Donald Trump to win the presidency.

“The bad guys know just what they’re doing,” Friedman said. “They wanted [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu] because that would radicalize the situation even more. And I fear that ISIS will believe that Trump would radicalize the situation even more.”

“I’m not blaming Trump for that,” he said. “I’m simply saying that’s how they’d see the dynamics of it.”

“You mean you think ISIS wants Trump to be president?” Imus asked.

“Oh, no question about it,” Friedman replied. “They would want someone who they think would do something more extreme than the other, push America back in the Middle East, and therefore inflame the situation in a way that ISIS thinks would benefit them.”

Listen to the exchange above, via Imus in the Morning.

[Image via screengrab]
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